How to install WordPress

In order to install wordpress on your Hosting, please follow the below mentioned steps:


Step # 1: Login to clientarea (

Step # 2: Go to services and select the account on which you want to install wordpress:

Step # 3: Click on the button “Login to cPanel” on the left side bar.

Step # 4: Now you are inside your cPanel account, click on the icon “Softaculous Apps Installer”.

Step # 5: Navigate to WordPress icon and click install.

Step # 6: Fill in the details of the URL on which you wish to install wordpress, submit admin login details and hit install.


Great – if you have followed the above instructions, you have successfully installed wordpress. Follow the link []/wp-admin to access wordpress admin area.


Incase you require help in installing wordpress, please open a support ticket with us and our team will be there to help you!

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