Web Hosting Prices Update

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers for being part of our Big & Strong family! It has been a great pleasure for our entire team to serve you, our valued customers.


Our business is to offer top class Web Hosting services with free features at Affordable prices – our primary focus has always been towards offering customers easy option to start their website / online businesses without having to invest alot of money.


Important News: Pricing Update

As you must be aware about the significant increase in USD prices, which directly impact our overall cost of the business, we are therefore revising the prices to adjust the foreign currency impact and maintenance costs. However, we are still making sure that our services stay Affordable and prices remain more reasonable than any other renowned competitor in the market.


From 5th March 2018 onwards, new prices will be effective for the services – as given below:


The new prices will go live on 5th March – all new / existing customers can take advantage by subscribing new services/renewals till 5th March to get the current prices.


Update on 17th July 2018

Due to constant increase in USD prices – we are updating domain registration and web hosting prices. Onwards in future, all prices will be adjusted to cover the currency changes accordingly as and when necessary. To check the applicable prices, pls check domain and hosting plan packages on our website.

Free .PK Domain Registration Pakistan

For the first time in Pakistan, EasyHost.pk is now offering Free  .PK Domain Registration with Web Hosting plans. This means, you get a bundle of .pk domain and web hosting at an affordable price.


Not only that, all our hosting plans include SSL certificate (this is an essential ingredient for E-commerce and websites that offer user interactions – helping deliver secure packets of information between user & server).


How it works: Our bi-annual .PK Special Hosting Plans are designed on a bi-annual term s you get 2 years of services (domain + hosting + SSL) at one simple price.


Click here to find .PK Domain Hosting plans.


Let us know your feedback about the plans in comments.


Thank you

How to configure Outlook / Android Email

Here is a complete guide to configure your branded email address (your-name@your-domain.com) with Outlook / Android or Apple Mail client. Follow the below instructions to configure your email on any email client:

  • Login to your cPanel
  • Go to “Email Addresses”
  • If you haven’t created an email yet, please create one.
  • Once the email is created, click on “Set Up Mail Client”



  • You will then find the Mail Client configuration settings as given below:



Use these settings to configure your email address on your android, iPhone or Outlook client.

If you still require help, please reach our our support team.

Top WordPress Premium Themes

Here is the list of some of the Top Ranked WordPress Premium Themes that you can use for your Blog. The ranking is based on the number of people using the theme and the reviews received.


#1 – Avada

A great WordPress theme that can be used for personal blogs and business sites, the best feature about this theme is that it allows alot of in-built features and widgets and supports customization. Preview of the theme below:


Click here to check this theme


How to install WordPress

In order to install wordpress on your Hosting, please follow the below mentioned steps:


Step # 1: Login to clientarea (https://www.easyhost.pk/account/clientarea.php)

Step # 2: Go to services and select the account on which you want to install wordpress:

Step # 3: Click on the button “Login to cPanel” on the left side bar.

Step # 4: Now you are inside your cPanel account, click on the icon “Softaculous Apps Installer”.

Step # 5: Navigate to WordPress icon and click install.

Step # 6: Fill in the details of the URL on which you wish to install wordpress, submit admin login details and hit install.


Great – if you have followed the above instructions, you have successfully installed wordpress. Follow the link [yourwebsite.com]/wp-admin to access wordpress admin area.


Incase you require help in installing wordpress, please open a support ticket with us and our team will be there to help you!