Free vs Paid Hosting

There are many web hosting providers that will host your site for free forever Рthat sounds odd right? First of all, you need to understand the costs behind the hosting platform, for each server you host their is an infrastructure cost / rentals plus management to maintain the server Рso how can a company provide the services for free? Lets look at the real catch behind the free hosting services available in the market.


Almost all hosting companies that claim to offer free hosting services do the following:

  • Place their website link on your hosted pages i.e. your content bring more & more customers to them.
  • They offer limited disk space & bandwidth and cost very high for upgrades (almost 4x times the regular price). So if you exhaust the free space, you will be asked to pay higher than the regular prices to get more disk space to continue with your website.
  • Slow speed – don’t expect a decent server speed when you go for a “Free” price tag.
  • Backup – don’t expect to recover your data if the server crashes, free hosting providers usually don’t guarantee data protection


Apart from all of the above, your site search engine ranking is also affected when you opt for a free solution.


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