How can I increase "upload file size" limit?

Step # 1: Login to your cPanel.

Step # 2: Scroll down to the FILES section of your Cpanel, and then click on the icon labeled FILE MANAGER.

Step # 3: Use the File Manager to navigate to public_html folder.

Step # 4: Locate the .htaccess file in your public_html folder. If you do not have one, create a blank file by clicking on the New File icon and naming it php.ini. Add below code in your .htaccess file:

; File Uploads ;
; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads.
file_uploads = On

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 128M

The file_uploads should be set to "on" and "Maximum allowed size for uploaded files" should be set to the file size that you need.

Step # 5: Click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

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